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Clara, born in 1991, in France, daughter of Jean-Sébastien Simonoviez, a pianist and trumpeter, and a music lover as a mother. Even as a kid, she grow up around music, seeing concerts. In her childhood, she’s with her father during studio recording, concerts, tours…

At the age of 4, during a concert, a drummer named Elvin Jones takes her in his arms and gives her his drumsticks. Clara as a kid has an unforgettable feeling and everybody around her at the time talks about “baptism”. She starts studying piano and recording little songs for her friends with the help of her Disney recorder on the grand piano in her home.

At 9, her father teach her how to sing and record a song, writing her song’s lyrics on several themes she asked for. Then appears a lot of songs about school start, having a cold, snow or even little babies cats.

A little bit later, she discovers The Sound of Music, a musical comedy that she finds wonderful. She then will memorize every song of the musical comedy and will sing them, in her living room in front of her family and neighbors, with her father playing piano. That’s how it all started, then everything happened.

At 12, first time on stage at the mythical Crescent Jazz Club of Mâcon as a guest with the crew called Transition Quintet de JS Simonoviez. This “Club” knows her very well, it saw her grew up and allow her to meet Steve Grossman, Christian Vander, Peter King, Sunny Murray… From that, she started a tour in France in which she sings the songs of her father in french. The tour ended in LaBuissonne, Charlie Haden’s preferred recording studio, for her to recording an album called “a different way” (ectecluz prod). Couple years later, the album is edited again for a japanese record company (Chateaudisc), and here she is back in studio again to record some new songs. She sings with special guests such as the American singer Shirley Bunny Foy who will teach Clara “to riding on the note”.

The music band then done more tours with other guests including the New Yorker drummer Tony Moreno.

The band become “Transion cosmic Power” and Jean-Sébastien Simonoviez writes “des arrangements pour septet”. With this band, in a festival, Clara is noticed and encouraged by the trumpeter Eddie Henderson.

She’s then hired by the Italian-American saxophonist Tony Pagano who will improve her diction.

She meet more singer such as Martine Kamoun ou Agathe Sahraoui who will be excellent counselors. She also takes courses from Raymonde Viret, lyrical singing teacher specialized in voice placement, a pillar in the lyrical world. Raymonde still helps one of the best people in cinema and French variety such as François Morel or Maxime le Forestier.

In 2011, she records and makes her first own album “To Frank”, in tribute of Sinatra.

The album has the famous Black and Blue label on it and is very successful in the press and during the tour that follows.

“ Clara Simonoviez is no lack of toupee or talent ” Ouest France

“ Elegance, finesse, accuracy and clarity, with a sense of humor, a lot of emotions and a swing

irreproachable ” Pierre Schavey, Lion’s Club

“ Dare but nicely shot thanks to a great team” Jazzman

“The result is quite pleasing as the young singer shows a vocal maturity and an ease in interpretation quite remarkable ” Culture Jazz

“Arrangements designed and sewn by hand and with extreme delicacy ” la Depêche

“A vocal timbre, a language, an interpretation and a musical arrangement that breathes the good mood and hope” Piano Bleu

In 2012 she leaves for 2 months to New York where she will live in Bill Lee’s house, father of the director Spike Lee and composer of the first and legendary soundtracks of his illustrious son (Mo ‘better blue, Do the right thing …). In this house she will meet a lot of american musicians and will live to the rhythm of the city that never sleeps.

Back in France, she takes part in the recording of a new opus « Transition Cosmic Power » of the eponymous group as well as Multifaces, both composed and arranged by Jean-Sébastien Simonoviez.

In 2015 she record her second own album in her name in the reduced formation of the trio with Jean-Sébastien Simonoviez and Jacques Bernard. Returns are enthusiastic.

“ She sings with a rare intelligence, an astonishing precision, and especially with an intense passion, of every second ” Michel Arcens, notes de jazz

“Do is a little jewel full of freshness, sensibility and, musical and human intelligence ” Doudou Gouirand

“ My darling, it’s really great ” Grand Mother.

For the past two years, Clara has lived in the eternal city of Rome, where she multiplies experiences. Established in the « Cotton Club » of Rome, she meets there many musicians such as Harry Allen, Scott Hamilton, Greg Hutchinson, Angelo Debarre, Paul Wertico, Enrico Pieranunzi, Flavio Boltro, Fabrizio Bosso, Roberto Gatto, Cicci Santucci, Berverly Lewis, Pat Starke …

She performed with « Les Chats Noirs », a quartet composed of a typically French instruments such as the accordion and the gipsy chitarre, on a repertory of famous French songs. Clara is also the singer of Emanuele Urso’s The King of Swing Big Band, clarinet and notable Italian drummer in the swing world, who received from the daughter of Benny Goodman, access to the original arrangements of the king of the swing.

She also participates in the performances of the director and pianist Stefano Reali (assistant of Sergio Leonne in “once upon a time in America”) during these concerts-narrations on the subject of the great composers.

In the company of his father, they explore each time new horizons in the West like in the East and regularly record new sounds. With her band The Swingin ‘Fat Cat she gives live concerts for the dancers of Lindy Hop, Tip Tap, Charleston and Balboa.